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Quarantine room
Swimming pool handle
Accessible elevator

Nursery / Assistant Room

Inside the master bedroom and separated by a glass wall and curtains, you will find a second room equipped with a baby cot, an extra single bed and its own en suite bathroom, making it an ideal space for a nursery.


Alternatively, due to its proximity to the master bedroom and the independent en suite bathroom, this extra room can also function perfectly for a healthcare assistant. 

Covid-19 Home Care & Precautions
The global health crisis of these last few months has brought about a need for precautionary measures in all vacation destinations: 
  • Each member of the permanent staff of Villa Egretta, i.e. the general manager, the cleaners and the gardeners are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
  • Villa Egretta is a vacation destination which once on mainland Greece, you do not have to board a boat or an airplane to get to. Specifically, it is easy to arrive at Villa Egretta without having to exit the car or come into contact with anyone. 
  • Considering the risk of flying into Greece and the need for quarantined spaces in which patients of Covid-19 can be secluded and cared for, should the need arise, the extra bedroom (shown above), with its natural ventilation and en suite bathroom is an ideal space for a patient room. 
  • Healthcare for the general area of Porto Heli is provided by the 24h Public Medical Centre of Kranidi (+30 2754 360100).

Safety & Accessibility

Villa Egretta is a mobility friendly space, as it is equipped with various elements to assist limited mobility :

  •  Wide spaces and an open plan floor

  • No steps on neither levels of the house

  • Large elevator with easily accessible buttons

  • Extra wide driveway

  • Grab bars in showers

  • Stools & anti-slip mats in showers

  • Ramp on terrace to access the swimming pool

  • Large swimming pool handle and wide steps

Wide house entrance
Extra wide driveway
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