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So long, Farewell

Departure Information

During check out, you will be expected to return the two sets of keys that were given to you during check in. The time of departure should ideally be agreed upon during check in, otherwise at least 5 days before check out. If you are travelling to Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos, please allow yourselves at least a 3.5 hours drive.


Upon check out, eIther our caretaker or the house manager will be there to make sure you have taken all your belongings, have a quick check of the condition of the house and bid you farewell. If by any chance you leave something behind we will be sure to mail it to you.


During your stay at Villa Egretta, you will be held responsible for any damages in the house or surrounding grounds or any unreasonable expenses (i.e. electricity, water) that might occur. In any such case, you will be notified within 5 days after check out of the total amount deduced from the damage fee. 

Gourdomichalis Touristiki S.A. will be held responsible for any structural problems that might arise, including plumbing issues, electrical repairs and replacing appliances that have broken down not because of misuse.

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