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About the Home

The Essentials : WiFi, A/C, Water



Wifi:            Villa Egretta

Password:     Summer2020

As power demand peaks during summer months, power cuts are unfortunately not uncommon in the area of Agios Emilianos. For this reason, we have equipped the internet router with a UPS port to secure an internet connection even during power cuts.

Potable Water

Tap water is not potable anywhere in Porto Heli. In the kitchen you will find a cooler /boiler with which you can fill up the glass bottles in each bedroom. In order to have hot water, you will need to press the red button in the back of the cooler and wait for a few minutes. Please be advised that the nozzle for the hot water is equipped with a safety tap, however the water comes out boiling hot and can be a burn risk. 


All bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen are equipped with air condition units. Additionally, some bedrooms and the living room also have ceiling fans. 

You are kindly requested not to leave the A/C units on when not in the rooms.

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